Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Instead of money, she's got yams and cabbages

So my last post was about the waiting for news. It was bad news. It was an affirmation of my stage 4-ed-ness and frankly it was a bummer. I’m not cancer-free, it’s not even under control really. They laser-ed my brain again, and this time it was just one tiny spot, not four spots like last time.

So I made plans to quit my job, going to pull in and focus on my real life. My health, and my home and my “family”. When I say family I mean Joe and my created family in Seattle. I’m still continuing to avoid most of my actual relations… they stress me out.

My last day of work is Cinco De Mayo as it happens. I figure that’s a good sign, triumph of the underdog.

Now I’m down to trying to create some structure to my days so I can rest, but also be excited about progress on my projects. I’m also acquiring new hobbies at an alarming rate. I want to learn ukulele, I want to quilt, I want a garden. I’m trying to focus on what I really want to do. That’s creating, entertaining, feeding people. Do all that while also taking the time to eat right and do my exercises and go to appointments and ya know… nap when I feel like it.

I’m going to try and make this blog part of my structure. I’ve never not had a job, not since I was 15. Certainly not on purpose.

Yesterday I started working on my ukulele. I’m trying to “play queen of the savages” by the magnetic fields. Then I’ll make a gig-bag for it while I wait for my quilting fabric to show up. Anybody know how to make YouTube videos? I suppose I need a camera.