Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last week of work.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that. A horrible series of events has given me a wonderful opportunity, enabled by Joe to, well… do what I’d really like to do.

I got to spend lunch today with an old friend who I wasn’t expecting to see again anytime soon. Circumstances aligned in such a way that he is newly back in town mere blocks from my work while I am bored and bereft of lunch-pals. He is also a talented musician and maybe willing to help me with my ukulele.

WHAT? See how things work out sometimes?

I’m trying to build a garden, improve my health and then a couple of (unpretentious) locavore, scientists move in downstairs.

Joe manages to fix the Mercedes, on a week when a friend needs to borrow it.

We get a new W/D delivered and realize we have no gas line installed! Boo. In a few days my polymath friend returns from vacation and can probably run that gas line for us, yay!

A friend is going out of town, just as I’m quitting which leaves me time to install baseboards in her house while she’s gone.

I’ve got a Medical Rx and it turns out a friend has a green thumb… halleluiah!

I’ve always hated that phrase “when he closes a door he opens a window” but here’s to jumping out the window. I’ve taken to telling people I’m leaving work to spend more time with my family. Those that know can smell a euphemism, and those that don’t probably think I’m pregnant… but what I really mean is you guys.

I’m jittery on the window ledge, but excited.