Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pretty Sharp

Thinking about New Year’s resolutions…

2010 Was a rough year.

I was going back to school at UW to get my long awaited undergrad degree. Work was going well, and we'd hired someone to pick up my slack at the office. I was starting to taper back.

I turned 28 on March 9th, Joe and I had a nice dinner and we talked about kids. Probably two more years now before we try to start a family, I want to finish school.

I find out on March 15th that my co-worker has quit without notice. It was finals week at school, When I returned after finals week to work we had our annual safety trainings (my biggest work project of the year) which I had to do solo.

In late April I was diagnosed with Cancer. I had been taking an online course to try and stay in the game with my education, but by May I was in Chemo. I had to drop the class so I could focus on treatment.

We did two kinds of chemo, and then my mastectomy, and now radiation to my chest and slated this month radiation to my brain where they found it most recently making me Stage IV.

In January my radiation is set to be done, and then we wait 5-6 months before we do a full scan to check and see how my treatment has taken, has it kept everything away?

In that interim I'll be taking a handful of preventive drugs, and I getting into a more intense regimen with my naturopath regarding nutrition, and the active program regarding physical activity.

So 2010 was all about killing the cancer, 2011 is going to be about healing me from the attempt.
This time however they're going to build me better, stronger than ever.

Wishlist for 2010

Fix Mercedes to a state where she can faithfully take us camping.

Go Camping, lots.

Fix the FIAT, fix it nice enough so I can take her to the greenwood car show for fun with my Father in Law.


Europe again this May?

NYC this fall?

Go sailing again.

Go back to Vegas and rent the mod-house again.

Home Improvement.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?