Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Making, Doing.

Coming into the New Year I have as always a million projects, but some long term ones are finally getting some traction.

My kitchen which hasn’t been touched in over a year is going to get a forward push that will allow me to do more cool stuff in 2011. A lot of my remodel process depends on good old cash, but also what I am able to locate through salvage shops, I wait and watch for the right stuff.

Today is the last day of my steroids and so last night I was putting more stuff up in the freezer awaiting the inevitable drop in energy. I was thinking about investing in a food sealer to go along with an auxiliary freezer in the garage. If this year’s garden and farmers market commitments pan out those two things could really come in handy. They might even save money in the long run… which I could spend on my favorite thing, my house. Or maybe one of my unreliable old cars… or maybe a vacation.

My mom is coming back to town to take care of the new low energy me as I get through the end of radiation and as always she’s coming to DO WORK. Her boundless energy and special talents mean my house is getting upgraded while she is here.

We’re prepping the basement for our new tenants Alex and Monika. New floor, base board and paint in the bedroom.

While Alex is in the mitten we’re also taking advantage of the last days of two kitchens , two baths to spruce up our own kitchen and bath.

Also in the new year I’ll be taking delivery of an art print made by Michigan friend Emily Franklin, you can preview it here.

I am SO excited about this new piece, partially I think it’s really cool to have something a friend has made, also… it is awesome. The piece is about making, maybe even alchemy. Making is my favorite thing! It’s why I love cooking, its why I love home remodeling.

This winter so far I’ve been stacking up more art. Cancer treatment really put a hold on the physical labor I could do… and it’s stagnated some of my bigger projects much to my chagrin. It’s got me snatching up new art, and has poured energy into nesting. As always I’m constantly doing research online, about a process, or searching for materials. Joe has always called this “house porn” especially the magazines I sometimes buy.

Attached is the freakiest bit of “house porn” I’ve yet to find. While digging around craigslist for old stoves… I keep looking for the holy grail 6-burner dual-oven monstrosity of my dreams. I find this old Wedgewood. The blue knobs put it over the top, and are what I think make it look like its going to come alive and start singing like Disney animation. I imagine if we bought it I would open a window and allow woodland creatures to come in and clean it for me. It’s out of our price range… but how do you put a price on oven scouring squirrels and sparrows?

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