Monday, January 24, 2011


So last week was the second time I haven’t made my 28 goal… but this time it was by a more significant margin. The first was the week of Christmas, where I was two items short, this last week it was nearly ten. I use this goal to push myself, not beat myself up with… so some reflection.

I had a couple of factors to blame. I was super-fatigued, which left the cooking up to Joe and what he could glean from the freezer, or take-out. This was a survival week, just trying to get to Sunday afternoon with a basement ready for new tenants. If I could have rallied myself for a smoothie I would have gotten much closer to the limit.

This week I’m still fighting back fatigue, and I have started my new 4-10 schedule that I’m very excited about. So today has been, and will be a long one. I didn’t go to bed at a reasonable hour last night and have only myself to blame. So I’m starting another week struggling to plan a menu.

I have a really hard time meal-planning in advance.

One website I like for inspiration is They have contests, and themes, and other things that keep it from getting boring. This last week was all gluten-free! It’s also adjacent to my biggest house-porn-vice apartment

Where do you go for new meal inspiration, and for that matter does anyone have tips on planning a week’s meals in advance? I try to think of three or four meals, and then I just sort of see what’s available at the store. I bought a membership to the Madison co-op. I figure 6 years is a respectable time to hold out before buying a diesel wagon and joining the food co-op. But, you can go screw yourself if you think I can be convinced that fleece clothing is appropriate for fine dining establishments.

Speaking of joiners, my friend Sarah has been impressively kicking ass at her new gym, I’ve contemplated the nearest YMCA but was appalled at the prices (more than corporate gyms). So, for now Joe and I will try and eat healthier and talk a lot about how we should go for walks more often. Also, I almost considered buying some hand weights at best buy (I have no idea, they we’re by the cash-wrap).

I’m thinking of this as my year of six million dollar man year. “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...faster.”

Weird side note: As a kid we had a si man/ bionic woman play-doh play set. These little molds made action figure sized bionic peoples, and there was a plastic mat that was an aerial view of the bionic man and woman’s apparently adjacent homes and yards. We never knew where it came from, and the show was over a decade off the air at that point so we didn’t have much point of refrence, but we loved that toy.


  1. I would be happy to come over on a Sunday some time and help you plan/cook/freeze stuff for future consumption! Or even on your now-free 5th day. Let me know! xoxo

  2. I go to the farmer's market and friends for my food inspiration. So, I'm no help. I also suck at meal planning but feel really good when I can make one thing go with another meal (taco meat into meat loaf for instance) or even throw down some leftovers nights.

  3. Amie, I love your Sunday idea, we should plan!
    If we we're really smart we could even swap stuff... like a cookie party, but with casseroles and soups!

  4. Funny that I just read this tonight. I just got back from my friend Hannah's house, an impromptu dinner collaboration effort after I gchatted her "I am culinarily stuck!" We each brought a few ingredients and made delicious - not something I would've made on my own, but got me a bit unstuck. Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out! PS - one thing I like to do in the winter is make my own vegetable stock to keep in the freezer and add to stuff like couscous and rice or use for soup. I don't know if you can legitimately add it to your count, but it sure is tasty and helpful for making something up mid-week :)